Transplants - In A Warzone


In A Warzone

Grey vinyl version, limited to 500 copies.
Tracklist: LP.A1 - In A Warzone
LP.A2 - See It To Believe It
LP.A3 - Back To You
LP.A4 - Come Around
LP.A5 - Something's Different
LP.A6 - Any Of Them
LP.B1 - Silence
LP.B2 - All Over Again
LP.B3 - It's A Problem
LP.B4 - Complete Detach
LP.B5 - Gravestones And Burial Plots
LP.B6 - Exit The Wasteland
CD1 - In A Warzone
CD2 - See It To Believe It
CD3 - Back To You
CD4 - Come Around
CD5 - Something's Different
CD6 - Any Of Them
CD7 - Silence
CD8 - All Over Again
CD9 - It's A Problem
CD10 - Complete Detach
CD11 - Gravestones And Burial Plots
CD12 - Exit The Wasteland

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