Tyler Bates -Dawn Of The Dead (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Tyler Bates

Dawn Of The Dead (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Hot Topic exclusive release on orange vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.
Tracklist: A1 - Hell On Earth
A2 - We're Going To The Mall
A3 - Zombie Spike
A4 - America Always Sorts Its Shit Out
A5 - How Will Your God Judge You
A6 - Truck Over Zombies
A7 - Blood Bath City
A8 - It's Only A Matter Of Time
B1 - That Dog's Just Fucked Up
B2 - We Have To Do Something Now
B3 - Subterranean Sewer Attack
B4 - Hangman's Song
B5 - Sailing The Sea Of Zombies
B6 - Chainsaw To The Breastbone
B7 - Fucking Figures
B8 - Enjoy The Sunrise

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