Ugly Casanova - Sharpen Your Teeth

Ugly Casanova

Sharpen Your Teeth

2015 Loser Edition, yellow w/black marbling [a/b] & clear w/yellow swirl [c/d]
Tracklist: A1 - Barnacles
A2 - Spilled Milk Factory
A3 - Parasites
A4 - Hotcha Girls
B1 - (No Song)
B2 - Diamonds On The Face Of Evil
B3 - Cat Faces
B4 - Ice On The Sheets
B5 - Bee Sting
C1 - Pacifico
C2 - Smoke Like Ribbons
C3 - Things I Don't Remember
C4 - So Long To The Holidays
D1 - Babies Clean Conscience
D2 - Diggin Holes
D3 - They Devised A Plan To Fuck Forever
D4 - Roads To Go To Roads To Go To...

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