Unknown Artist - Night Of The Living Dead

Unknown Artist

Night Of The Living Dead

Official 50th anniversary soundtrack album. Waxwork subscriber edition on gray marble vinyl.
Tracklist: A1 - Opening Drive
A2 - Walking To The Grave
A3 - Attacked
A4 - Flight From The Cemetery
A5 - Refuge
A6 - Trophy Room
A7 - The Clothesline
A8 - Dead Connection / Corpse On The Stairs / Ben Arrives
A9 - Panic
A10 - Blood From The Landing
A11 - Smashing The Headlight
A12 - Tire Iron Attack
A13 - "Don't Look At It!"
B1 - Back Porch Bonfire
B2 - Searching The House
B3 - The Music Box
B4 - Boarding Up The House
B5 - Knocked Out
B6 - Fireplace And Torch
B7 - Lounge Chair Bonfire
B8 - The Cellar Door
B9 - Finding The Rifle
B10 - Ben Comforts Barbra
B11 - Cleaning Upstairs
B12 - New Arrivals
B13 - Attack At The Window
B14 - Grasping Hands
B15 - Ghouls Approach The House
C1 - Down To The Cellar
C2 - Up From The Cellar
C3 - Escape Plan
C4 - Tom And Judy
C5 - Unboarding
C6 - Molotov Cocktails
C7 - Escape From The House
C8 - Truck Escape
C9 - Truck On Fire
C10 - Feeding Frenzy
C11 - Lights Out
D1 - Final Siege
D2 - Breakthrough
D3 - Helen's Death
D4 - Ghouls Overrun
D5 - Cellar Nightmare
D6 - The Posse
D7 - Bonfire
D8 - End Credits
D9 - Bonus Night Of The Living Dead 1968 Radio Spot

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