Various - Studio Ghibli · Kokyo Kyokushu


Studio Ghibli · Kokyo Kyokushu

There are three different versions of this release, each featuring a different cover panel, and two different color vinyl LP’s. Princess Mononoke version - Blue & Red vinyl. Howl’s Moving Castle version - Purple & Pink vinyl. Spirited Away version - Yellow & Green vinyl.
Tracklist: A1 - Chapter One - The Legend Of Ashitaka
A2 - Chapter Four - Princess Mononoke
A3 - Chapter Eight - Ashitaka And San
B1 - The Theme Of My Neighbors The Yamadas - Orchestral Version
B2 - Takashi And Matsuko's Tango - Sinfonico
B3 - Always With Me - Orchestral Version
C1 - A Mysterious World
C2 - The Moving Castle
C3 - War War War
C4 - Cave Of The Mind
D1 - The Baron
D2 - Pastorale
D3 - Haru's Memories

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