Hammercult - Built For War


Built For War

Red vinyl limited to 500 copies.
Tracklist: LP-A1 - From Parts Unknown (Intro)
LP-A2 - Rise Of The Hammer
LP-A3 - I Live For This Shit
LP-A4 - Spoils Of War
LP-A5 - Ready To Roll
LP-A6 - Raise Some Hell
LP-A7 - Blackened Blade
LP-B1 - Let It Roar
LP-B2 - Ode To Ares (Interlude)
LP-B3 - Altar Of Pain
LP-B4 - Blood And Fire
LP-B5 - Saturday Night Circle Pit Fight
LP-B6 - Road To Hell
LP-B7 - Evil Has No Boundaries
CD-1 - From Parts Unknown (Intro)
CD-2 - Rise Of The Hammer
CD-3 - I Live For This Shit
CD-4 - Spoils Of War
CD-5 - Ready To Roll
CD-6 - Raise Some Hell
CD-7 - Blackened Blade
CD-8 - Let It Roar
CD-9 - Ode To Ares (Interlude)
CD-10 - Altar Of Pain
CD-11 - Blood And Fire
CD-12 - Saturday Night Circle Pit Fight
CD-13 - Road To Hell

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