Virgin Steele - Noble Savage

Virgin Steele

Noble Savage

25th anniversary reissue on 2 yellow vinyl discs.
Tracklist: A1 - We Rule The Night
A2 - I'm On Fire
A3 - Thy Kingdom Come
A4 - Image Of A Faun At Twilight
A5 - Noble Savage
B1 - Fight Tooth And Nail
B2 - The Evil In Her Eyes
B3 - Rock Me
B4 - Don't Close Your Eyes
B5 - The Angel Of Light
C1 - Obsession (It Burns For You) (Bonus)
C2 - Love And Death (Bonus)
C3 - Where Are You Running To (Bonus)
C4 - Come On And Love Me (Bonus)
C5 - The Spirit Of Steele (Bonus)
C6 - The Pyre Of Kings (Bonus)
D1 - To The Devil, A Daughter (Previously Unreleased)
D2 - God Of Violence Kill (Previously Unreleased)
D3 - Viking (Previously Unreleased)
D4 - Ase`s Death (Previously Unreleased)
D5 - Bitches From Hell (Previously Unreleased)

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