Andrew Belling - Wizards Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Andrew Belling

Wizards Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Red splatter variant limited to 200 copies. Special release that was sold during the 40th Anniversary screening of Wizards at the Hollywood Theater in Portland, OR.
Tracklist: A1 - Time Will Tell (Full Version)
A2 - The Story Begins / Scortch 3000 Years Later / Fairy Hookers / Peace Goes Forth / Peace In The Valley Of Montagar
A3 - War Against Peace / Weehawk Disturbs The Peace / The Bubble Bursts
A4 - Jukebox Junky Blues
A5 - Blackwolf Finds The Record / War & Frog / We Can't Lose
A6 - Moving Out
A7 - Battle & Peewhittle's Death
A8 - Now Begins Our Final Battle / Avatar Equestrian / On The Road To Scortch
B1 - Fairy Attack
B2 - Fairy Drums / Jungle Drums/ Gargoyle Once A Day
B3 - Snow Drift / Snow Time / Assassins In The Snow
B4 - Tanks Again & Betrayal / Peace Isn't, Elinore Doesn't
B5 - The Elves Are Coming / Horn Calls
B6 - Gathering Of The Heavies / The Charge Of The Heavy Brigade / The Battle Picks Up Tempo / The Punchup / The Elves Lose
B7 - Weehawk Finds Elinore / Elinore's OK / Blackwolf Bites It / Final History / Bye
B8 - Time Will Tell (Film Version)

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