Brian Tyler -Rambo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Brian Tyler

Rambo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Clear vinyl with red splatters limited to 500 copies.
Tracklist: A1 - Rambo Theme
A2 - No Rules Of Engagement
A3 - Conscription
A4 - The Rescue
B1 - Aftermath
B2 - Searching For Missionaries
B3 - Hunting Mercenaries
B4 - Crossing Into Burma
C1 - The Village
C2 - Rambo Returns
C3 - When You Are Pushed
C4 - The Call To War
C5 - Atrocities
C6 - Prison Camp
C7 - Attack On The Village
D1 - Rambo Takes Charge
D2 - The Compound
D3 - Battle Adagio
D4 - Rambo Main Title
D5 - Rambo End Title

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