Chad VanGaalen - Infiniheart

Chad VanGaalen


Pink marbled vinyl limited to 1,000 copies.
Tracklist: A1 - Clinically Dead
A2 - After The Afterlife
A3 - Kill Me In My Sleep
A4 - J.C.'s Head On The Cross
B1 - Somewhere I Know There Is Nothing
B2 - Blood Machine
B3 - Echo Train
B4 - Build A Home Like A Bee
C1 - I Miss You Like I Miss You
C2 - Red Blood
C3 - 1000 Pound Eyelids
C4 - The Warp Zone / Hidden Bridge
D1 - Chronograph #1
D2 - Sunshine Snare Hits
D3 - Liquid + Light
D4 - Traffic

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