Chris Schlarb - Dropsy

Chris Schlarb


Yellow solid in orange translucent vinyl, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.
Tracklist: A1 - Kierkegaard's Umbrella
A2 - Mothersbaugh On The Beach
A3 - Clown Breath (Variation #2)
A4 - In The Court Of The Junkyard King
A5 - Last Of The Lonely Tumbleweeds
A6 - Kierkegaard's Neon Lights
A7 - Home Is Where The Ground Is
A8 - Waltz Of Urban Blight
A9 - LF/HF In Four Dimensional Bossa Nova
A10 - Low Fiber/High Fructose
A11 - Sneaky Snacky
A12 - Clown Breath (Variation #3)
A13 - 144 Gears Marching In 14/4
A14 - Slightly Ominous Theme Heard While Waking From A Dream
B1 - White Dub In The Psychic Temple
B2 - Lee's Vampire Dub
B3 - Clown Breath (Variation #4)
B4 - The Unmistakeable Scent Of Clown Breath
B5 - Home Is Where The Pulmonary Artery Is
B6 - Eric Dolphy Memorial Hospital
B7 - Fugutive Foxtrot
B8 - Kierkegaard's Fire
B9 - Waltz Of Impending Doom
B10 - Home Is Where The Hurt Is
B11 - These Clown Shoes Are Made For Walkin'
B12 - Tres Monolitos De Las Llanuras
B13 - Kiekegaard's Columnated Ruins
B14 - Obelisk Strategies

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