Jedi Mind Tricks -Violent By Design

Jedi Mind Tricks

Violent By Design

Limited to 1000 copies worldwide. Reissued, remastered, clear vinyl.
Tracklist:A1 - Intro
A2 - Retaliation
A3 - Contra
A4 - Speech Cobras
A5 - Breath Of God Interlude
B1 - Death March
B2 - Words From Mr. Len Part One
B3 - I Against I
B4 - Exertions (Remix)
B5 - The Prophecy Interlude
C1 - Heavenly Divine
C2 - Sacrifice
C3 - Permanent Midnight Interlude
C4 - The Deer Hunter
C5 - Blood Reign
D1 - Words From Mr. Len Part Two
D2 - Genghis Khan
D3 - Trinity
D4 - The Executioners Dream
D5 - Muerte

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