Jonathan Snipes & William Hutson -Room 237

Jonathan Snipes, William Hutson

Room 237

180g vinyl. Orange & red color effect vinyl.
Tracklist:A1 - To Keep From Falling Off
A2 - Multiple Of Seven
A3 - Ignorance Of Visual Information
A4 - Recourse To Eagles
B1 - Moon Landing
B2 - Emotional Architecture
B3 - Dies Arie
CD-1 - Recourse To Eagles
CD-2 - To Keep From Falling Off
CD-3 - Escape Pod
CD-4 - Minotaur
CD-5 - Barry Lyndon Is A Boring Movie
CD-6 - Suite 3
CD-7 - Universal Weak Male
CD-8 - Ignorance Of Visual Information
CD-9 - They Didn't Need To Do That
CD-10 - Moon Landing
CD-11 - Everything In Focus
CD-12 - People Look Like Giants
CD-13 - This Deeper Story
CD-14 - Dies Irae

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