Ludvig Forssell - Death Stranding (Original Score)

Ludvig Forssell

Death Stranding (Original Score)

Clear vinyl pressed with BT black, Chiral gold and Hematic red splatter.
Tracklist: A1 - Once, There Was An Explosion
A2 - Alone We Have No Future
A3 - Bridges
A4 - Soulless Meat Puppet
A5 - Beached Things
A6 - Chiral Carcass Culling
B1 - The Face Of Our New Hope
B2 - John
B3 - An Endless Beach
B4 - Heartman
B5 - The Severed Bond
C1 - Claws Of The Dead
C2 - Fragile
C3 - Stick Vs Rope
C4 - A Final Waltz
D1 - Strands
D2 - Lou
D3 - BB's Theme
E1 - Flower Of Fingers
E2 - Cargo High
E3 - Demens
E4 - Decentralized By Nature
E5 - Mules
E6 - Porter Syndrome
F1 - Chiralium
F2 - Spatial Awareness
F3 - Stepping Stones
F4 - Frozen Space
F5 - The Timefall

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