Mono/Poly -Paramatma



Limited edition of 300, opaque peach & sky blue vinyl. Pressed for the 5th anniversary of the album's release.
Tracklist: A1 - Art 9
A2 - Explosive Puppetry
A3 - False Flag
A4 - Black Box Matrix Death
A5 - Antibodies
A6 - The System Crumbles
B1 - Land Of Love / Star Grab
B2 - Waters Of Duality
B3 - Roots In Earth (Muladhara)
C1 - Lucid Day Dreams
C2 - In The Air (Anahata)
C3 - Spring Crossings
C4 - The Great Awakening
C5 - Analysis (DNA) / Fire Passion
D1 - 1000 Pedaled Lotus (Awakened)
D2 - Fireworks (Sahasrara)
D3 - Lets Take A Trip
D4 - The Minds Eye (Clarity & Vision)
D5 - Vibration (Vishuddha)

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