Inon Zur -Fallout 3 (Original Game Soundtrack)

Inon Zur

Fallout 3 (Original Game Soundtrack)

Limited edition of 2,500
Tracklist: A1 - Main Title
A2 - New World, New Order
A3 - Lockstep
A4 - Price Of Honor
A5 - Fortress
B1 - Unwelcome Guest
B2 - Ambush
B3 - Never Surrender
B4 - Metal On Metal
C1 - Behemoth
C2 - Think Fast, Shoot Faster
C3 - Chance To Hit
C4 - Forgotten
C5 - Clues In The Darkness
D1 - No Way Out But Through
D2 - Out Of Service
D3 - The Ferals
D4 - Gotta Start Somewhere
E1 - Old Lands, New Frontiers
E2 - Pieces Of The Past
E3 - City Of Ruin
E4 - Wandering The Wastes
E5 - Ashes And Sand
F1 - What Remains
F2 - Place Of Refuge
F3 - The Smallest Hope
F4 - The Caravans
G1 - Megaton
H1 - A Stranger In Town

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