Ola Strandh - Tom Clancy's The Division

Ola Strandh

Tom Clancy's The Division

Comms Module Variant, orange & black split vinyl sold exclusively through Spacelab9's website, limited to 100 copies.
Tracklist: A01 - Worth Fighting For
A02 - Herald Showdown
A03 - Betrayal
A04 - Columbus Circle
A05 - Cornered
B06 - Brooklyn Suite
B07 - Underworld II
B08 - Survival
B09 - Lament
C10 - T.O.C.
C11 - Fuel
C12 - Underworld V
C13 - Exhale
C14 - Underworld IV
C15 - Outbreak
D16 - We Are The Division (Original)
D17 - Underworld III
D18 - Underworld VI
D19 - Last Stand
D20 - Disco Dungeon

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