Slift - Space Is The Key / La Planète Inexplorée


Space Is The Key / La Planète Inexplorée

Clear with purple and blue splatter vinyl, limited to 200 copies. Sold exclusively at Rough Trade shops.
Tracklist: A1 - Dominator (You Dominator I See My Future In Your Eyes)
A2 - The Sword (We'll Never Meet Again, It's All I Know)
A3 - Sound In My Head (Weird Sickness Takes A Man When Music Stops To Play)
B1 - The Sleeve (All My Friends Are Robots Here)
B2 - Space Is The Key (Space Is The Key Future Of Everyone)
C1 - Heavy Road (Time To Feel Motion)
C2 - Something In The Mist (I Can Hear The Same Troubles)
C3 - Doppler Ganger (Fresh Monster With A Cola)
C4 - Ant Skull (The Keys Are In Your Hands We'll See Space Again)
D1 - Fearless Eye (I'll Come Back For Save You, Now And Forever Of This Place)
D2 - Trapezohedron (Everyone In The Void)
D3 - La Planète Inexplorée
D4 - Silent Giant (Now You're Here As Long As The Stars Shine)

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