Snowgoons - Kraftwerk



White vinyl with black and yellow splatter, limited to 100 copies.
Tracklist: A1 - Snowgoons Dynasty
A2 - The Uncrushables
A3 - Put Em Up
A4 - Can't Go On Like That
A5 - Dangerous Ways
B6 - Who's Side
B7 - We Nah Play
B8 - Warlords
B9 - Road Warriors
C10 - Three Bullets
C11 - The Real And The Raw
C12 - No Favors
C13 - The Madness Begins
C14 - Statue
D15 - The Beast
D16 - Big Bang Bomb
D17 - Rotten Apple
D18 - Global Domination
D19 - Cold Dayz

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