Spear Of Longinus -Nada Brahma / Nazi Occult Metal

Spear Of Longinus

Nada Brahma / Nazi Occult Metal

Red vinyl limited to 100 copies. Also available on gold vinyl, limited to 400 copies.
Tracklist: - Nada Brahma
A1 - I.A.O.
A2 - Antero Vipunen (In God's Trance Hour)
A3 - Neutron Hammer
A4 - Bloodlines
A5 - Cosmic Devastator (Watching The Watcher)
A6 - Zeal For The Law For The War For The Day Of Vengeance
A7 - Interplanetary Warfare And The Attack Of The Culture Heroes
- Nazi Occult Metal
B1 - Rite Of Ragnarok
B2 - The Ibis Of My Lost Soul (From Whence I Came)
B3 - Riders Of A Cold And Violent Wind
B4 - Jarls Quest Eternal
B5 - Nazi Occult Metal

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