The Go - Fiesta

The Go


Marbled green vinyl limited to 333 copies.
Tracklist: A1 - Voices Rant On
A2 - Beyond The Boyond
A3 - Inside A Hole
A4 - So Let's Pinch
A5 - Labor Of Love
B1 - Action Man
B2 - It Always Happens To You
B3 - I'm A Dot In Place
B4 - Bet I'm Late
B5 - Hire A Navy
C1 - For Me Alone
C2 - No More Stars
C3 - Can't Rely On It
C4 - Tease My Fears
C5 - I Fear To Think I'm Here
D1 - Ye Gimme That Feeling
D2 - Girls In Trouble
D3 - In The Garden
D4 - Dirty Room
D5 - Last To Know

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