The Jimi Hendrix Experience -The Alternate Axis: Bold As Love

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

The Alternate Axis: Bold As Love

Limited edition of 500 on multi colored vinyl in gatefold sleeve. All tracks recorded at Olympic Studios, London, 1967.
Tracklist: A1 - Exp (Alternate Stereo Mix)
A2 - Up From The Skies (Alternate Mix)
A3 - Spanish Castle Magic (Studio Acetate)
A4 - Wait Until Tomorrow (Alternate Stereo Mix)
A5 - Ain't No Telling (Alternate Stereo Mix)
A6 - Little Wing (Alternate Instrumental Take)
A7 - If Six Was Nine (Basic Version)
B1 - You've Got Me Floating (Alternate Stereo Mix)
B2 - Castles Made Of Sand (Alternate Stereo Mix)
B3 - She's So Fine (Alternate Different Lead Vocal Take)
B4 - One Rainy Wish (Alternate Stereo Mix)
B5 - Little Miss Lover (Studio Acetate)
B6 - Bold As Love (Rare Alternate Mix)

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