Various -Vinyl Moon Volume 050: Volume Fifty


Vinyl Moon Volume 050: Volume Fifty

Blue and white split color vinyl.
Tracklist:A1 - Future Now
A2 - What Fiction Is For
A3 - Wait
A4 - Whitney
A5 - ATG
A6 - Say, Can You Hear
B1 - Losing My Head
B2 - Reality Tsars
B3 - Zombie Love
B4 - Half Way Down
B5 - Nobody Loves U (WYL)
B6 - Restless
C1 - Side-eye
C2 - The Desert
C3 - Bloodlines
C4 - Quiet Streets
C5 - Woolf
C6 - Eha
D1 - This Is How I Want To Feel Forever
D2 - Miles Away
D3 - Oh What A Mess You've Got Yourselves Into
D4 - Spindles (Vinyl Moon Edit)

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