Tiltwheel - The High Hate Us


The High Hate Us

Mint green vinyl limited to 99 copies.
Tracklist: A1 - Make Like A Tree And Fuck Off
A2 - Fuck You, This Place Is Dead Anyways
A3 - Fuck You Yams
A4 - Do They Make Tin Foil Beer Helmets? Cuz I Want One!
A5 - I Spent My Spring Break In Vancouver B.C. And All I Got Was This Dumb Song
A6 - Teach Your Children Hell
B1 - Talkin About Eating Pussy And Drinking A Bucket Full Of Cum In A Town Full Of Pig Pens
B2 - Shit Your Pants, A Rock Opera
B3 - Can't Remember Shit
B4 - Yet Another Obligatory Perty Like Tiltwheel Song Except This Time It's Like Magic Poetry
B5 - Get Your Gentrification Out Of My Aburguesamiento

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