Various - In Search Of Darkness


In Search Of Darkness

Original Documentary Soundtrack variant, black vinyl with red, white and orange splatter, limited to 100 copies. Comes in glossy gatefold sleeve. Released as "Version 1".
Tracklist: A1 - Inside Out
A2 - Vendetta
A3 - Maniac
A4 - Raven (Version 1)
B5 - Phantasy
B6 - Horns
B7 - Archaic Purgamentum
B8 - Danger Code
C9 - Death Comes At Midnight
C10 - Raven (Version 2)
C11 - Remain
C12 - Survive
D13 - Phantasma
D14 - Midnight Escape Finale
D15 - The Battle
D16 - L.U.S.T. Murderer

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