Vinnie Paz - Season Of The Assassin

Vinnie Paz

Season Of The Assassin

Gray & blue vinyl.
Tracklist: A1 - Intro
A2 - Beautiful Love
A3 - Monster's Ball
A4 - Pistolvania
A5 - End Of Days
A6 - Righteous Kill
B1 - No Spiritual Surrender
B2 - Street Wars
B3 - Ain't Shit Changed
B4 - Aristotle's Dilemma
B5 - Kill 'Em All
C1 - Keep Movin' On
C2 - Brick Wall
C3 - Role Of Life
C4 - Nosebleed
C5 - Warmonger
D1 - Paul And Paz
D2 - Bad Day
D3 - Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb
D4 - Drag You To Hell
D5 - Same Story (My Dedication)

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