Wyclef Jean & Refugee Camp All Stars -The Carnival

Wyclef Jean, Refugee Camp All Stars

The Carnival

Ice blue marble vinyl.
Tracklist: A1 - Intro / Court / Clef / Intro (Skit / Interlude)
A2 - Apocalypse
A3 - Guantanamera
A4 - Pablo Diablo (Interlude)
A5 - Bubblegoose
B1 - Prelude To "To All The Girls" (Interlude)
B2 - To All The Girls
B3 - Down Lo Ho (Interlude)
B4 - Anything Can Happen
B5 - Gone Till November
B6 - Words Of Wisdom (Interlude)
B7 - Year Of The Dragon
C1 - Sang Fezi
C2 - Fresh Interlude
C3 - Mona Lisa
C4 - Street Jeopardy
C5 - Killer M.C. (Interlude)
C6 - We Trying To Stay Alive
D1 - Gunpowder
D2 - Closing Arguments (Interlude/Skit)
D3 - Enter The Carnival (Interlude)
D4 - Jaspora
D5 - Yelé
D6 - Carnival

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