Yuzo Koshiro - The Revenge Of Shinobi

Yuzo Koshiro

The Revenge Of Shinobi

"Bone & Black" variant white with black splatter vinyl. 50 copies were signed and hand numbered by Yuzo Koshiro, and randomly distributed to people who pre-ordered this through the Data Discs website.
Tracklist: A1 - Opening
A2 - Long Distance
A3 - The Shinobi
A4 - Terrible Beat
A5 - Sunrise Blvd.
A6 - Make Me Dance
A7 - Like A Wind
A8 - Run Or Die
A9 - Round Clear
B1 - Ninja Step
B2 - The Dark City
B3 - China Town
B4 - Over The Bay
B5 - Labyrinth
B6 - The Ninja Master
B7 - Silence Night
B8 - My Lover
B9 - Failure
B10 - Game Over

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