Agent Orange  - Demo's And More.

Agent Orange

Demo's And More.

Orange vinyl limited to 200 copies.
Tracklist: A1 - Dogs (First Demo)
A2 - Rebel (First Demo)
A3 - Mental Boy (First Demo)
A4 - Lingerie (First Demo)
A5 - Feminist (First Demo)
A6 - Violence (First Demo)
A7 - Lingerie (First Ep Raw Version)
A8 - Feminist (First Ep Raw Version)
A9 - Nothing (First Ep Raw Version)
A10 - Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell (First Ep Raw Version)
B1 - Herpes (2nd Ep Demo)
B2 - K.K.K. (2nd Ep Demo)
B3 - Dope (2nd Ep Demo)
B4 - Dogs (2nd Ep Demo)
B5 - Factory (2nd Ep Demo)
B6 - Instrumental (2nd Ep Demo)
B7 - Kill The Police (2nd Ep Track)

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