Bear McCreary -Child's Play (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Bear McCreary

Child's Play (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

"Chucky’s Eyes" colored vinyl. Disc One - Blue Iris & Disc Two - Red Iris.
Tracklist:A1 - The Buddi Song
A2 - Theme From Child’s Play
A3 - Birth Of Chucky
A4 - Karen And Andy
A5 - A Surprise For Andy
A6 - A New Friend
A7 - Tickle Time
B8 - Bad Influence
B9 - Taking Down The Lights
B10 - The Watermelon Man
B11 - Deactivating Chucky
C12 - In The Basement
C13 - The New Doll
C14 - Kaslan Car
C15 - Andy At Bat
C16 - Convergence At Zed Mart
D17 - Zed Mart Massacre
D18 - Chucky’s Trap
D19 - Friends Until The End
D20 - Kaslan Theme
D21 - Child’s Play Theme (1988)

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