Billy Raygun & Lipstick Homicide -Billy Raygun / Lipstick Homicide

Billy Raygun, Lipstick Homicide

Billy Raygun / Lipstick Homicide

1st Pressing: 300 total copies on mixed color vinyl. Packaged in a double-sided, screen printed, foldover sleeve.
Tracklist: A1 - The Plan
A2 - Same Animal, Different Disorder
A3 - Absolutely Not!
A4 - March 26th
A5 - The Selfish Shellfish (What Are We Gonna Do Now?)
A6 - Giles Corey
A7 - Ashheap
B1 - The Annexation Of Puerto Rico
B2 - Moody's Point
B3 - Everything = A Lie
B4 - Calling In Dead
B5 - Bite My Tongue
B6 - In Your Place
B7 - Prom

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