Chris Remo - Gone Home

Chris Remo

Gone Home

Lavender Dawn vinyl, limited to 1.000 copies. Soundtrack to the video game Gone Home. Released for the game's 5th anniversary.
Tracklist: S1 - See You Soon
S2 - At The House - First Day Of School
S3 - Hanging Out With Girls - Dealing With Roots
S4 - Default Friend - Ship Date
S5 - Stick With The Group
S6 - The House, Part 1 (Original)
S7 - The Nunnery
S8 - A Very Long Phase - Getting Lonnie
S9 - Daniel
S10 - Just Gone
S11 - The House, Part 2 (Original)
S12 - Dedication
L13 - Life Moves On
L14 - In The Attic
L15 - I Said Yes
L16 - I'll See You Again
L17 - The House Part 1 (In-Game)
L18 - The House Part 2 (In-Game)

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