Cliff Martinez - Far Cry 4: Original Game Soundtrack

Cliff Martinez

Far Cry 4: Original Game Soundtrack

180g Triple LP Limited Edition release in 1500 copies in Gatefold sleeve, including a Download Card. Each vinyl comes in separate colors: Solid Orange / Solid Blue / Solid Green.
Tracklist: A1 - Trial By Fire
A2 - Welcome To Kyrat
A3 - Into The Fire
A4 - Sudden Trouble
A5 - The Target
A6 - Take Down
A7 - No Respite
B1 - Secrets Of The Goddess
B2 - The Mountain Watches
B3 - Unfamiliar Paths
B4 - Awash In The Day
B5 - Every Road An Exit
B6 - The Hard Road
B7 - One By One
B8 - Sabal's Suite
C1 - Predator's Way
C2 - Here They Come
C3 - Once More With Teeth
C4 - Lives To Spare
C5 - Royal Reception
C6 - Prisoners Of Despair
C7 - Amita's Rage
C8 - The Moon's Light
D1 - The Cooling Night
D2 - Like A Tiger's Shadow
D3 - Retreat Is A Victory
D4 - Every Life, A New Warrior
D5 - No One Left Behind
D6 - No End To Them
D7 - Amita's Suite
E1 - Onto The Mountain That Walks
E2 - The Great One
E3 - To Face A Demon
E4 - A Thing Of Legends
E5 - Finding Our Way
E6 - Under Kyrat's Stars
E7 - The Horrors Of Men
F1 - Victory By Inches
F2 - What Is Sacred...
F3 - Blood Of Faith
F4 - A Sermon Of Bullets
F5 - Painted In Blood
F6 - The Whisper Of My Blade
F7 - Bhadra's Suite

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