Dream Theater -Distance Over Time

Dream Theater

Distance Over Time

Special Asia Version, black vinyl with white splatter, limited to 500 copies.
Tracklist:A1 - Untethered Angel
A2 - Paralyzed
A3 - Fall Into The Light
B1 - Barstool Warrior
B2 - Room 137
B3 - S2N
C1 - At Wit's End
C2 - Out Of Reach
D1 - Pale Blue Dot
D2 - Viper King
CD-1 - Untethered Angel
CD-2 - Paralyzed
CD-3 - Fall Into The Light
CD-4 - Barstool Warrior
CD-5 - Room 137
CD-6 - S2N
CD-7 - At Wit's End
CD-8 - Out Of Reach
CD-9 - Pale Blue Dot
CD-10 - Viper King

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