Epidemic  - 4 Dimensions On A Paper


4 Dimensions On A Paper

Limited edition of 500 copies. Side A/B on white, side C/D on red vinyl.
Tracklist: - 1st Dimension
A1 - Bout That Time
A2 - Believe Dat
A3 - Do What You Like
B4 - Styles
- 2nd Dimension
B1 - Insignificance (Interlude)
B2 - All I Need
B3 - Four Dimensions On A Paper
B4 - Can't Get Enough
B5 - Countdown
- 3rd Dimension
C1 - Orbits (Interlude)
C2 - Space Travelin'
C3 - Metempsychosis
C4 - Seasunz
C5 - From The Beginning
- 4th Dimension
D1 - The Hidden
D2 - Round N Round
D3 - A Second To Wreck It
D4 - Get It Now (Bonus Track)

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