Harry Manfredini - Friday The 13th Part 3

Harry Manfredini

Friday The 13th Part 3

2xLP. Sides A/B red translucent, sides C/D cyan vinyl.
Tracklist: - Camp Crystal Lake
A1 - Part 2 Flashback
A2 - Theme From Friday The 13th Part 3
A3 - The General Store
A4 - The Meat Clever
A5 - Arriving At The Barn / Fake Axe
B1 - Let's Go For a Swim
B2 - Who's Up There?
B3 - In The Barn
B4 - The Pipe Wrench
B5 - In The Bedroom
B6 - Flashback To Meeting Jason
B7 - Chuck Walks To Outhouse
B8 - The Lake Dock
B9 - Shelly Goes To The Barn
B10 - Wallet In The Lake
B11 - Debbie Takes A Shower
- Higgins Haven
C1 - Walking On Hands
C2 - The Fuse Box
C3 - Chili Bites The Big One
C4 - Nobody Home
C5 - The Eyes Have It
C6 - Jason Down Stairs To Barn
D1 - Jason Hung
D2 - Jason Grabs Rope
D3 - Hallucinating
D4 - Jason Dead In Barn / End Credit Title

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