Hospital Ships - Oh, Ramona

Hospital Ships

Oh, Ramona

Record Club hand-numbered pressing, purple/pink/blue/white starburst vinyl limited to 333 copies.
Tracklist: A1 - Bitter Radio Single
A2 - Baby For J.
A3 - I Do Not Understand
A4 - The Shots I Drank
A5 - Sink Your Teeth Into Me
A6 - I Want It To Get Out
A7 - Girls
B1 - Mockingbird
B2 - Oh, No
B3 - Oh, Ramona
B4 - Tired Of Growing Old
B5 - More Than You Know
B6 - Your Heart
B7 - Yellow Rubbr Nails
B8 - The Shots I Drank (Congleton Mix)
B9 - Oh, Ramona (Demo)

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