The Real McKenzies - Shine, Not Burn

The Real McKenzies

Shine, Not Burn

2xLP. Red and yellow vinyl.
Tracklist: A1 - Nessie
A2 - Drink The Way I Do
A3 - 10,000 Shots
A4 - Pickled
A5 - Auld Mrs. Hunt
A6 - Bastards
B7 - My Bonnie
B8 - Chip
B9 - Scots Wha' Ha'e
B10 - Droppin' Like Flies
B11 - Pour Decisions
C12 - The Skeleton And The Taylor
C13 - Best Day Until Tomorrow
C14 - Bitch Off The Money
C15 - Get Lost
C16 - Wild Mountain Thyme
D17 - Whisky Scotch Whisky
D18 - Sawney Beane Clan
D19 - King O' Glasgow
D20 - Taylor Made II
D21 - Bugger Off

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