Hepa-Titus & Teenage Larvae -Omega Pig

Hepa-Titus, Teenage Larvae

Omega Pig

"Fucked Up Edition", clear vinyl, black cover, limited to 12 copies. Records are housed in a screenprinted tri-gatefold cover, record #1 and #3 are screenprinted at their blank sites.
Tracklist: - Hepa.Titus 12"
A1 - Golden Laff
A2 - Screw Pulls
A3 - Tougher Than Hitler
- Hepa.Titus / Teenage Larvae LP
C1 - Fancy Arms
C2 - Joozy Froot
C3 - Blow Low
C4 - Public Health
D1 - Airplane Mode
D2 - Wave Cabbage Wave
D3 - Burn Boston Burn
D4 - Undiced
D5 - Eye Think Eye
D6 - Sumer Whine
- Teenage Larvae 12"
E - Eiffel Love

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