Killah Priest - Rocket to Nebula

Killah Priest

Rocket to Nebula

LP1: Blue vinyl with purple spatter; LP2: Purple vinyl with blue spatter. Funded using Bandcamp's Vinyl Crowdfunding Platform.
Tracklist: A1 - Rocket to Nebula
A2 - Stare Directly Into the Sun
A3 - The Wonderful You
A4 - P.R.O.J.E.C.T.S.
A5 - One Hundred Mummies
B! - Mermaid
B2 - Magnificent Interview
B3 - Memoirs
C1 - In Secret Anticipation
C2 - Andromeda
C3 - Bob Ross
C4 - Grandmother's Land
C5 - Heavier Mental
14 - Greater Than (Part 2)
15 - Contact High
D1 - 60 Triangles
D2 - Andrea Davis
D3 - Digital Ghost
D4 - The Arrival Home
D5 - Outro Rocket

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